How to Run a Successful Campaign

In 4 easy stages you can get your campaign up and running

Stage 1 – Setting up

o Create your campaign by clicking Create campaign 다운로드. Once approved you will be sent a link to create your page.
o Create your vision/story – be transparent!
o Create videos – make them powerful and interesting – see examples
o Create Rewards – this is a good way to offer something back for the donation – see examples

Stage 2 – Spread the word

o Share with your family, friends, devotees through your own social media – be proactive 다운로드!
o Post messages on your social media – like updates, targets, Rewards etc.
o Send us your mailing lists to integrate with our network.
o Ask others to Join the Network so we can promote to them also – share our link through email, text, social network
o We will also promote your campaign through our network of all subscribed mandirs and their devotees 다운로드.
o Connect to our Facebook page

Stage 3 – Accept donations

o We will have our payment solution linked into your campaign 다운로드. Every donation received will be shown in your admin panel. You can request funds at any point and they will be transferred to your chosen bank account 다운로드. Please see Fees and Payment section for more information.
o Don’t forget to send out your Rewards if chosen to do so
o Accept payment via mobile

• Stage 4 – The Results

o Post updates on your page – post fresh and interesting updates about the campaign 다운로드.
o Update the Daanmeter – donors love to hear that it is working!
o Say thank you by simply sending your thank you note through DaanFunding