DaanFunding.org mission is to provide a single platform where all associated Mandirs can use the network to raise funds through donations for their chosen Campaign 다운로드.

We aim to help any Mandir – no matter whether the Campaign is small or large you will receive 100% of the donations (less gateway fees – see Fees and Payment)

The network we have created will link all the mandirs so this platform can be used to tap into the wider Sanatana Dharama community and not just your local devotees 교세라 프린터 드라이버.

Our vision is to pool all the devotees of the many worldwide Mandirs together on one platform to give the cause a greater opportunity to raise funds 다운로드.For example, the UK alone is home to over 800,000 Hindus (2011 Sensus) meaning just a small donation of £10 from each devotee would raise 8 Million Pounds flash 8!