Monthly Donations

If you would like to contribute to any cause and set up a monthly contribution please do so by clicking the donate button below.

How it works?

If you simply want to help Sanatana Dharma prosper and do not mind which cause gets your contribution then you can simply set up a standing monthly payment via paypal and we will assign your donation to the current causes.

Why do this?

We strongly recommend this way of donating as we feel this is the best way to support Sanatana Dharma. Hopefully like us you simply want to protect the Sanatana Dharma values and traditions for future generations therefore by doing this you will have done your part to do exactly that!

How much should I contribute monthly?

We suggest £10 per month. I am sure you would agree that we are not asking for much at all. I am sure you would also agree, how each us can and does easily waste £10 (or more) per month on something trivial. By sending that small amount of £10 per month you could end up, for example, helping to fund a mandir's survival or keep a Sanskrit class going etc....

Will £10 per month really make a difference?

YES! Yes absolutely it will make a difference. In 2011 the UK census showed that there were 817,ooo Hindus living in the UK. Even if we say only 100,000 therefore only 1/8th of UK Hindus contribute to our causes and each one sets up a monthly donation of only £10 per month, collectively we would raise a incredible £12,000,000.00 (twelve million pounds) per year. All the Mandirs and other Hindu related structures signed up to us will benefit from this pool of donations and as mentioned we take 0% in fees (only the credit card gateways take a fee).

What if I cannot donate £10 per month?

Even though we would be grateful to see a monthly contribution of £10 please only do what you can afford to - even if it was only £1 per month then that would still make a huge difference. Using the same example of 100,000 monthly contributors at only £1 per month, we could still raise an a more than substantial £1,200,000.00 (one million, two hundred thousand pounds) per year. If you cannot donate money then you can always donate time - therefore please visit your local Mandir and offer your voluntary services as they can all do with extra help.

We do hope you can see the possibility to help long term - so please set up today by clicking the donate button below and help make a huge difference!

Thank you!



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